2018 E-Board



Brady Kellum '20, President

Brady is thrilled to be the president of ACAC! He's a music major in the Class of 2020, and enjoys all sorts of artistic pursuits. His own group is The Hangovers, the official a cappella subset of the Glee Club. The a cappella community at Cornell is a wonderful one; feel free to ask him any questions!

Quyen Do Nguyen '20, vice president

Quyen is the Vice President of ACAC from Hanoi, Vietnam. She is the President of Hearsay A Cappella. She goes by Q, QQ, or Q-wie to her friends; and Tori to the Starbucks barista. She is majoring in Hotel Administration with a minor in Information Science, so basically her degree isn't real. She is a devoted hotelie who honestly should spend less time in Statler. Seriously, go outside for once. Q's first language is Vietnamese and her second language is French! If you are looking for Q, she can always be found in Statler Library's high tops, lovingly called "The Bar'. 


lil baby bri.jpg

BrianNa Cox '20, treasurer

Brianna is a junior in After Eight. She is from Dallas, Texas, and is majoring in communication and minoring in law and society. When she isn't making comebacks to people's jokes about her height (she is only 5'2" tall), Brianna sings in the Cornell University Chorus and Chamber Singers, and is a part of Cornell Cru and Alpha Phi Omega. Most people are surprised to learn that Brianna is a Slytherin and not a Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw. She is proud of her house and believes that she was accurately sorted into Slytherin due to her ambition and determination. If you're in need of a laugh, ask her about "Anaconda". Brianna has also served as ACAC Secretary and has enjoyed making an impact on the a cappella community, which has brought her some of her closest friends.

Ellie O'Reilly '20, Secretary

Ellie is a junior in Arts and Sciences double majoring in English and Art History. She hails from Northern Virginia and spends her free time singing in the Callbaxx, working at the Johnson Museum of Art, and nerding out about baseball. Ellie is super excited to be able to give back to the a cappella community by being a part of ACAC E-Board!