The Touchtones are one of Cornell’s all-female groups.

The Touchtones, founded in 1983, are Cornell's premier all-female a cappella group. From the beginning and throughout the years, the group has harnessed the raw power of female vocality into musical arrangements spanning a wide variety of genres. With their electrifying stage presence, powerful harmonies and bold musicality, the Touchtones continue to extend their reach through concert tours (performing most recently in New York City) and performances delighting Cornellians and beyond. With members of diverse majors and interests, the Touchtones are set apart by their love of singing, and more importantly, one another!


  • Monday, 9/2 @ 5pm @ Lincoln B08

  • Tuesday, 9/3 @ 5pm @ RPCC

  • Wednesday, 9/4 @ 4:30pm @ Lincoln 117

Concert Date: Saturday, November 9th, 7pm at Call Auditorium


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